The US Winter Infantry Have Arrived For Bolt Action

December 6, 2015 by brennon

Warlord Games have now released their US Winter Infantry for Bolt Action. These miniatures will be useful when you want to make yourself a themed force and I have to say Winter is probably one of my favourite themes for an army. See what you think of the main set…

US Army Infantry Squad (Winter)

Inside the main set you get ten metal World War II American GIs which come armed with rifles or carbines as well as a couple armed with BARs and an NCO sporting an SMG. This gives you a good standard load-out to use when you’re playing with your American troops.

US Army Infantry Squad (Models)

As well as this unit they have also looked at adding a bunch of other models too which will supplement this unit and tie it all together. HQ, Mortar and MG Teams are also available for you to pick up allowing you to keep the force coherent.

You can see the rest of these models HERE.

Will you be taking on the painting of a new Winter American force?

"This gives you a good standard load-out to use when you're playing with your American troops..."