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Mantic Games Clash Of Kings Organised Play Supplement Up For Pre-Order

5 hours ago 0

Mantic Games has a new tome up for pre-order for Kings of War.

Studio Tomahawk’s SAGA Aetius & Arthur Up For Pre-order

34 days ago 11

Gripping Beasts along with Studio Tomahawk have up for pre-order the new SAGA supplement, SAGA Aetius & Arthur!

Privateer Press Presents Forces of Hordes: Trollbloods Command Book

35 days ago 2

Privateer Press has a new Command book for the Trollbloods.

Learn Your Dungeonology For D&D By Wizards Of The Coast

110 days ago 3

For the D&D fan in your life, there is a new and wonderful tome coming out from WotC.

Learn Your Norse Mythology With Neil Gaiman

129 days ago 20

While not exactly anything to do with Wargaming this might be helpful for those of you who want to explore Norse Mythology and bring it to the tabletop.

Harry Potter Returns As The Cursed Child Hits The Shelves

177 days ago 3

It’s been almost twenty years since the first Harry Potter book exploded onto the literary scene. Now, nine years after the release of Deathly Hallows, fans can once again return to the wizarding world as the eighth story Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is now available to buy.

Marvel Universe Game Rulebook Available As Knights Models Free Download

193 days ago 10

Knight Models has done it! The Marvel Universe Miniatures Game rulebook is here.

Black Library Start Up New Graphic Novel Collection

266 days ago 13

Black Library have bought back a series of Graphic Novels from the worlds of Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Fantasy from Games Workshop and they’re now available in fancy paper back or digitally…

Elf Warfare Soon To Be Released From Osprey Publishing

277 days ago 4

Osprey Publishing is the third book in their fantasy warfare series this time for the elves.

Winged Hussar Publishing Taking On Battles & Martian Invasions

307 days ago 12

Winged Hussar Publishing have added a new sourcebook to their collection for you to start planning out some alternative history gaming. The first of these is very much in the theme of otherworld experiences with The Great Martian War by Scott H. Washburn…

Black Library Expand On Horus Heresy With Primarchs Series

320 days ago 8

The folks at Black Library have announced that they are going to be beginning a new book series set before the time of the Horus Heresy.

Winged Hussar To Produce Lore For Beyond The Gates Of Antares

356 days ago 7

This fall we will be able to read all about the tales of Beyond The Gates Of Antares. Winged Hussar has announced they are partnering with Warlord and Rick Priestley to bring these stories to life.

FFG Build Their Android World With Premium Background Book

438 days ago 8

We talked about The World Of Android before with much gusto and I still believe this is a great step in the right direction to have a sourcebook delving into the background of the Android world Fantasy Flight has built and it now has a premium edition!

Osprey Publishing Brings Out The Dwarf Fighter In Us All

439 days ago 13

Osprey Publishing is always coming out with interesting titles, and this upcoming release is no different. If you are fan of Dwarves, then this book is for you.

Weekender XLBS: Are You Wiz-Ard Enough?

Weekender XLBS: Are You Wiz-Ard Enough?

443 days ago 160

Is this going to be a one cup or
two cup episode of The Weekender?

Stick on a brew as we go
through more news and talk
awesome projects…

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