Learn More About Heroes Of Legend From Osprey Adventures

September 26, 2013 by brennon

While not strictly wargaming news the folks over at Osprey Adventures have been producing some interesting books in their Myths and Legends series where they look at heroes and their exploits throughout history…

Thor - Viking God of Thunder

Their most recent addition has been Thor: Viking God of Thunder and follows the exploits of this legendary figure from Norse Mythology. The books feature images new and old and help to explore the heroes background. Perfect for adding to some interesting tabletop gaming regardless of the source.

Jason and the Argonauts


King Arthur

You can see they have also looked a whole lot of other heroes and they will continue to expand the line as they go. The artwork is what immediately struck me here as they have done a good job with the cover art.

As I mentioned, it might not be wargaming news but it certainly gives you a neat look into the background and history of some of the figures you’ll be fighting it out on the battlefield as. I’ve yet to read one but they sound quite entertaining and Osprey Publishing usually don’t disappoint.

Of course this could go well with your Gods & Mortals rules as a primer!

Would you pick these up?