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Gaming in the Gaps!

Gaming in the Gaps!


Taking ownership of the games you play, a guide for gaming control freaks…

Reconnecting to your Hobby

Reconnecting to your Hobby…


For all of us there are times in our lives where we for whatever reason start to feel detached from our hobby. How have you found your way back?

What to Do When a Store Goes Under?


It’s a sad fact, but in today’s economic climate some hobby stores have had to face closure. But what can this mean to us who have tried to buy something from the store, only to watch it go under? We’ve taken a look at some of the policies in place to help you know what to do.

Become a Beasts of War Tzar

The Rise of the Gaming Tzars


It has been a couple of months now since we launched out Tzar program, so I thought I would give you guys an update as to how things are progressing and a little bit of gossip about what’s coming up on Beasts of War.

Don’t forget where we’re headed!


Sometimes it feels to me that as fans of the miniatures industry we forget to raise our heads to see what technology is just round the corner and just how powerful it actually is. Prepare to lift your head…

Become a Beasts of War Tzar

Do you have what it takes to be a Beasts of War Tzar?


Beasts of War are recruiting an elite cadre of members to champion their favourite gaming systems!

Have you expertise to become one
of our Gaming Tzars?


Balanced, Deep, Easy to Play – You Can Only Pick Two!


Is there a case for massive public playtests of popular games, or does the buck (as always) have to stop somewhere?

Romain Interviews Maow Miniatures


Maow Miniatures are going from strength to strength, producing funny, weird, yet gorgeous minis all the time… What is up with french mini-maker Maow?

Romain went to ask them what they were all about…

Black Friday - Fullspread

Beasts of War – Black Friday Roundup!


This is it guys… here’s your chance to play investigative reporter! What is your favourite sale or bargain this
Black Friday?

Keep It Simple Stupid – Forums, Your Thoughts?


So last week we had started to work on the forums (before the Nuke that was Necrons went off!) and its become clear that the time has come for a major overhaul. A long time community member @ade73 sent me a message outlining his frustrations with the current way the forums work and are organised. [...]