Attention All Prize Winners… Past and Future!

December 1, 2011 by beerogre

Due to some problems with the Beasts of War website and email system, the names and delivery details of a number of prize winners have been lost (by which I mean deleted… not stolen or anything else that would raise concern).

However, fret not faithful Beasts of War fans! I’ve been planning to give the prize claim system an overhaul, so this was a good a chance as any.

The system by which you can claim prizes has now been outlined in our Community Rules section of the website. These rules will take effect from today (December 1st 2011) and any future prize claims should follow the rules laid out in the Community Rules section.

This Community Rules section also contains guidance on posting content, as well as claiming prizes. These rules are subject to change, so I would advise regular contributors to take a glance at them regularly. However, I will make a post to advice members of any major changes.

But, I haven’t received my Prize!!!

Don’t worry… we know that there are some prizes still outstanding. Here is the relevant section of the new rules reproduced to tell you how to claim outstanding prizes.

  • Claim Amnesty
    Details for some prizes won before December 1st 2011, were lost. As such we have an amnety for prize claims relating to prizes won before this date. If you are one of the those winners and you have not received your prize, please follow the steps outlined in the Community Rules and we will attempt to rectify the situation.
    However, we must warn you that there have been a number of fraudulent prize claims made during this period so we may need to contact you via your social network to confirm any win.
    Claims for prize winners announced after the above date do not qualify for amnesty and should follow the steps outlined in the Community Rules.

The Cutlass competition is currently being investigated, but as the winning announcement will follow the amnesty date, it will fall under the new rules.

If you have any queries please post below.

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