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John get his hands on a Collector’s Edition Mantic Zombie

1587 days ago 23

Mantic have a Collectors Range section on their site which has sets of 90mm resin models. These models are large versions of the usual production models and are based on the finely detailed 3 ups that are created during the design process. Here John is checking out the latest in the range the Zombie. I [...]

Ancient German Cavalry Unboxed

1594 days ago 1

John has a look over Wargames Factories Ancient German Cavalry set.

BEASTMEN – A Reading

2461 days ago 6

Warren, gives us an insight to the unatural behaviour of the beastmen.

Nid Week – Close and Thanks

2465 days ago Comments Off

The guys bid Nid Week farewell and point out some of their personal highlights

BOW Review: Battlebuild Big Bertha Gun

2467 days ago 1

John has a gander over some artillery from Battlebuild

First Look: Codex Tyranids

2477 days ago Comments Off

The guys look over the new Tyranid Codex

Review: Ancient Germans

2506 days ago Comments Off

John returns to more simple times with an Ancient German Warband

Review: Flames of War Kit Bag

2506 days ago 1

John open up Battlefoams execellent carry case for Flames of War.

Review: Battle Build Trench System

2517 days ago 2

John reviews a cast resin modular trench system

Review: Quantum Gothic Watch Tower

2519 days ago 1

John gets guard duty

Review: Mantic Games Messenger Bag

2520 days ago Comments Off

John explores the ins and outs of Mantic Games Messenger Bag

Review: PACK C4

2526 days ago 3

John beats Warren over the head

Review: Quantum Gothics Armoured Gate

2528 days ago Comments Off

John opens the gates

Review: Catalyst Missile Launcher

2531 days ago 1

Quantum Gothics Catalyst Missile Launcher.

Review: Quantum Gothics Armoured Bunker

2533 days ago 1

John builds up some fortifications