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Build Up Roman Walls With Brigade Models’ New Kit

55 days ago 6

While it might be quite a small kit, Brigade Models has put together a neat looking set of Roman Walls which could be used to defend the border with the North or maybe just keep a town/fort safe.

Brigade Models Mount Up On PacFed Grav Bikes

175 days ago 4

Brigade Models are going to be zipping around the Sci-Fi battlefield on their PacFed Grav Bikes. See what you make of these 15mm models.

Native Tolero Aliens Fight Back From Brigade Models

373 days ago 3

Brigade Models have looked away from those that colonise and instead to the native species that find themselves attacked by these terrible invaders. The Tolero of the Eta Odin system might be a little bit primitive but they still put up a fight.

Take To Your Moonbase With A New Kit From Brigade Models

377 days ago 6

Brigade Models have shown off a neat new terrain kit for your space faring adventures. Here we have the Moonbase Habitation Sphere which fits within their 15mm scale world. It comes with the sphere itself and the airlock section below…

The Age Of Tyrants Kickstarter Gets New Terrain Packs

408 days ago 3

Closing in on the last week on Kickstarter Age of Tyrants has added some terrain to their campaign thanks to their partnership with Brigade Models. See what you think of what’s on offer…

Provide Covering Fire With Brigade Model’s Sci-Fi Polish Half-Tracks

419 days ago 2

Brigade Models have a few new vehicles on the cards for their Sci-Fi worlds in 15mm. This time around we have some Polish Half-Tracks including the Hetman, Lucznik, and Mlot…

Polyversal 6mm Miniatures Game Hits Kickstarter.

419 days ago 28

There is a new Kickstarter out right now that delves into the 6mm world of Sci-fi combat, Polyversal from Collins Epic Wargames.

Brigade Models Mount Up On 15mm Lizards For Combat

493 days ago Comments Off

Brigade Models have shown off some more of their rather exotic Sci-Fi miniatures coming to the tabletop. This time around we have the Yenpalo Lizard Riders who are using the local animals to get them around the jungle…

New 15mm Kirin Mechs Coming Soon From Brigade Models

535 days ago 2

If you’re looking to drop some more Walkers onto the battlefield to start ruining your opponents day in 15mm then see what you think of these Kirin Combat Walkers which will be on sale at SELWG this weekend from Brigade Models.

Create A Whole 2mm Medieval Town With Brigade Models

581 days ago 13

If you thought 6mm was a small scale then how about 2mm? Brigade Models have come out with a set of terrain which allows you to build a whole Medieval Town in this scale including a Guild Hall and Market Places…

Brigade Models Blogs About Some New WIP Terrain

583 days ago 1

Brigade Models has posted on their blog pages some upcoming WIP in 6mm.

Brigade Models Roll Out More 15mm Sci-Fi Tanks

644 days ago 8

See what you think of these Near-Modern/Sci-Fi 15mm scale tanks from Brigade Models, the Firefly and the Wolf for the Mercenaries and Neo-Soviets respectively…

Brigade Models Releases 15mm Rifle Squad In Bush Hats

662 days ago 2

Brigade Models have added some nifty looking 15mm miniatures in bush gear.

Sign Up To Join The New 15mm Sci-Fi Infantry From Brigade Models

677 days ago 1

Brigade Models have shown off their cool new set of 15mm Sci-Fi Infantry that have been added to the Pacific Federation faction as part of the ArmiesArmy Infantry Range. See what you think…

Brigade Games Draft In More Native Americans For The War Of 1812

755 days ago 3

Would you be hiring these Native Americans to fight alongside you in the War of 1812 and many other conflicts around that period of history?