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Broken Egg Games Adds Heavy Metal To Game of Thrones LCG

679 days ago 3

Game accessory maker Broken Egg Games, has added some very nice metal coins to be used in the Game of Thrones: LCG.

Add Detail To Your Game With 2D Mats From Broken Egg Games

683 days ago 6

Now you can take beautiful terrain with you and game on the go with the 2D terrain zones/sets from Broken Egg Games. These neoprene mats will add instant terrain to your games- trees, water, rocks- in beautiful, colored detail.

Make Gaming Moments Clear With Elite Gaming Tokens Kickstarter

798 days ago 2

Need some shiny, new, colorful tokens for your games? Broken Egg Games has as Kickstarter out right now- Elite Gaming Tokens. These interesting tokens offer a great variety of common situations in our games.

Privateer Press Partners With Broken Egg Games For Display Boards

807 days ago 4

Privateer Press and Broken Egg Games have partnered to release the first officially licensed display boards for WARMACHINE & HORDES. Any gamer would be proud to have their army carried in on one of these trays.