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Q&A Time: Talking Immortal Dark Age Fantasy With Dean James

Q&A Time: Talking Immortal Dark Age Fantasy With Dean James

553 days ago 3

We got a chat with Dean James
about Immortal -
Dark Age Fantasy
which has entered its final
few days on Kickstarter.

The game sounds like a nice mix of the Historical and the
Fantastical so if that has garnered your interest dive in!

Broken Spirit Wargames Tell You Tales Of Dark Age Fantasy In Immortal

567 days ago 1

Broken Spirit Wargames hit Kickstarter looking for funding for their take on Dark Age Britain. Rival factions war and there are stalemates aplenty as everyone vies for control of the land. This is where the twist comes in and factions have called upon the Immortals, spirits of Good and Evil, to help swing the balance (they hope) in their favour.

Broken Spirit Wargames Invite You To Play Immortal!

697 days ago 8

Broken Spirit Wargames have put together a Quick Start & Scenario PDF for you to download and test their game Immortal which is shaping up to be a great game bridging the gap between Historical and Fantasy in the Dark Ages!