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Check Out Brother Vinni’s Faithful Post-Apocalyptic Bot Dog

93 days ago 2

Brother Vinni has now added a faithful hound to their range of Post-Apocalyptic creatures that could either be a guard dog battling you or your noble ally.

The Hornblower Ingird Joins Your Viking Warband From Brother Vinni

123 days ago 8

Brother Vinni has continued to add to their Dark Age collection with Ingrid who would be a great addition to your Warlord’s retinue.

The Tricycle Bot Pootles Into Brother Vinni’s Post-Apocalypse

159 days ago 5

Brother Vinni have been tinkering around with robots in the post-apocalypse once again as they add the Tricycle Bot to their Nuclear Sandlot range.

Mow Down Mutants With Brother Vinni’s Veteran Chaingunner

179 days ago 4

Brother Vinni is expanding upon their Nuclear Sandlot range with another new model, the Veteran Chaingunner.

Slice & Dice With The Lamia From Brother Vinni

229 days ago 1

Brother Vinni continue to build on their Nuclear Sandlot range with the LAMIA which stands for the Light Antipersonnel Mechanical Independent Armour.

Raise The Viking Banner With Brother Vinni’s Dagmar

233 days ago 6

Brother Vinni are helping to build up that warband of Shieldmaidens with Dagmar for their SAGA range. Here she is with banner raised ready to lead warriors into battle.

Space Invaders Are Joining The Brother Vinni Nuclear Sandlot Range

248 days ago 4

If you’re a fan of the Post-Apocalypse and like it with an edge of Sci-Fi then see what you think of this new Space Invader from Brother Vinni for their Nuclear Sandlot range…

Cast Spells With Brother Vinni’s Classical Mage

285 days ago 6

Brother Vinni have put together another adventurer for your dungeon delving. Here we have their Classical Mage.

Lead Warriors From Your Flying Carpet Thanks To Brother Vinni

312 days ago 3

Brother Vinni have stepped back to the world of Fantasy with their latest release where you get another character for your Arabia force.

Brother Vinni Bring Out Fearsome Viking Shieldmaidens

612 days ago 8

Viking mythology and stories contain plenty of mighty warrior women and now some of them can take to the field of battle as Brother Vinni release their Shieldmaidens.

Brother Vinni’s Project Limes Commander Ordered Into Action

666 days ago 5

The Project Lime Commander has arrived for Brother Vinni.

Ulaf Peresvet Flies The Flag For Brother Vinni

697 days ago 4

Brother Vinni have added another model to their range of 28mm Sci-Fi miniatures that would be great stand ins for that growing Imperial Guard army you have massing on your desk.

Ragnar The Viking Goes Raiding With Brother Vinni

735 days ago 7

See what you think of the mighty King Ragnar as he charges off his longship looking for towns to raid. A great addition to a larger Viking warband?

Brother Vinni’s Awaken Another Mummy From Ancient Tombs

740 days ago 8

Another Mummy has been found within the depths of an ancient Pyramid somewhere in the desert thanks to Brother Vinni. Check it out.

Don’t Go Into Brother Vinni’s Mummy’s Tomb Lady!

749 days ago 46

See what you think of another addition to the Victim Girls range by Brother Vinni. It might not be to everyone’s taste but we find a way for him (and her) to be used in a scenario for the tabletop!