Brother Vinni Band Together With The Spanish Pikemen

September 30, 2013 by brennon

Brother Vinni are on the historical front once again and they have mustered a grand force of Spanish Pikemen to help press onwards with the frontier expansion. What do you make of them?

Spanish Pikemen

Now these are actually some very nice looking Pikemen that would be perfect for both historical and fantasy I reckon. Admittedly you only get five of them for the cost but it could be the start of a built up Estalian army.

Pikeman #1

Pikeman #2

Pikeman #3

They reminded me of a while back when I watched a Spanish film with Viggo Mortensen in it, Alatriste, certainly worth the watch if you are into your historical foreign films.

When it comes to these models Brother Vinni have essentially hit the nail on the head and the sculpts are top notch, something we assumed would be the case with anything from him really.

Do you think you’ll be adding them to your army?