Brother Vinni’s Mountain Horror Descends to Their Store

November 19, 2014 by dracs

Brother Vinni have come out with a new horrifying creation for their Nuclear Sandlot series; the bestial Mountain Horror.

Mountain Horror

This strangely warped monster stands at 50mm tall, making it a large challenge fir anyone to deal with. It’s strangely bird-like, although it can assembled with alternate head and tail options.

Mountain Horror Alternate

While they might be part of a post-Nuclear apocalypse range, these monsters are perfectly suited to more mystical settings, be they the deepest dungeons of a daemonic sorcerer, or the warp-twisted world of a Chaos lord. Brother Vinni’s Mountain Horrors are stooped and bestial terrors that will loom over regular 28mm models, serving as the perfect  antagonists for heroes to get past.

Are these monsters going to turn up on your gaming table?

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