Mow Down Mutants With Brother Vinni’s Veteran Chaingunner

October 26, 2016 by brennon

Brother Vinni is expanding upon their Nuclear Sandlot range with another new model, the Veteran Chaingunner.

Veteran Chaingunner #1

Wearing a great outfit which reminds us of New Vegas this chap looks like he’s trying to bring down a hulking beast that’s charging towards him across the wasteland.

Veteran Chaingunner #2

If you’re interested in putting together a range of characters for use in a role-playing or skirmish game which delves into this post-apocalyptic world with a sense of survival then the whole Nuclear Sandlot range should be on your radar.

We think with a few tweaks here and there to personalise him this fellow could even go to the wilder bandit side of life too.

What do you think?

"...this chap looks like he's trying to bring down a hulking beast that's charging towards him across the wasteland"

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