Three Nuclear Adventurers Wander into Brother Vinni’s Wasteland

February 2, 2015 by dracs

Brother Vinni are continuing to populate the wastelands of the post-apocalypse as they send out three new Nuclear Adventurers out into their webstore.

Nuclear Adventurers

Nuclear Adventurers Back

Nuclear Adventurers

Plenty of games now take place in the blasted wastelands of a world desolated by nuclear weaponry (or whatever else humanity had to hand at the time). These three adventurers manage the trick of being faceless yet full of character, making them perfect for such games.

The middle one in the bottom two pictures particularly puts me in mind of games like Metro, while the one with the greatcoat and knife strapped to his back has a more futuristic look. Together, these three models make for a superb set of characters to lead a warband, or even to form an adventuring party for RPGs such as Mutant.

Would you venture into the nuclear wastes with Brother Vinni’s adventurers?