The Stylish Brutality Smashes Its Way Onto Kickstarter

March 7, 2018 by brennon

Brutality has hit Kickstarter and it is looking frankly awesome. After watching their gameplay video, and the trailer for the Kickstarter itself, I can safely say that I am sold on this one. So, bear that in mind as you read the rest of this piece.

Brutality Header

Brutality is a two-to-four player PvP brawler where you face off with teams of two heroes against each other in an arena laden with spikes, deadly traps and more. You also play over-the-top and seriously ‘metal’ looking ‘heroes’ who are just looking to beat seven shades of nonsense out of each other.

Brutality Kickstarter Bundle

The art style, which looks like it has been dragged from Darkest Dungeon, is fantastic and really works alongside the themes and aesthetic that the game promotes. Gameplay-wise, you can watch the video above for more information, but this is an arena brawler where each character is limited to two actions on their turn. This could be a move, or one of their brutal abilities which smash enemies, throws them all over the place, and more.

The game doesn’t have any dice rolling so all of the abilities you use and ploys you put into action are based on your skill and understanding. This is influenced by game-changing Relic Cards and Artefact Cards which could make things much worse for your opponents and change the environment you’re playing in.

The Miniatures

One of the standout things about this game, which pushes it beyond the norm and into the realms of a boutique product, are the miniatures. They could easily have done something similar with standees in this game but they’ve taken their designs and turned them into awesome looking figures.

The Grave Keeper - Brutality

Above we have the Grave Keeper who can use his ability to bury his opponents alive in the ground. He is followed by the Bloodwood Warden who carries with her a Demi-God Baby on her back who works alongside her to pull her blade back, her enemies along with it!

Bloodwood Warden - Brutality

Last but not least, at least for these previews here we have The Conjurer who can summon up Ghostly Knights to fight alongside her and blast her enemies away with spectral magics.

The Conjurer - Brutality

All of the attacks that these characters have zones of influence, so the game is one of strategic movement and placement, as well as chaining combos of attacks to do the most damage. You can read more about the different characters HERE.

This looks like a lot of fun to play and they have LOADS of stretch goals in the works for additional heroes. There’s no complicated pledge levels or anything here either. Once you get in on this, you get everything they unlock.

There were some issues with shipping costs to the EU, to begin with, but they have been sorted out now as well!

I am so on the verge of backing this…

"Brutality is a two-to-four player PvP brawler where you face off with teams of two heroes against each other in an arena laden with spikes, deadly traps and more.."