BugBear Miniatures Show Off Their Upcoming US Riflemen [Updated]

September 9, 2016 by brennon

BugBear Miniatures are a new company looking to bring some World War II models to the tabletop in the near future. Here’s a preview of their US Riflemen, in 28mm scale, that they’re really proud of.

Update: The initial material for production will be resin but they would like to move into plastic further down the line…

US Army Rifle Squad A

The current focus is on making this Rifle Squad for your battles across France towards Germany. The first thing that struck us about them was that they look like they’ve gone that extra mile in the ‘heroics’ of the figures.

US Trooper A

The posing and proportions of the models has moved towards the heroic and it makes you think of possibilities beyond the regular Historical gaming. In fact, they’d be pretty awesome for use with Konflikt ’47.

US Trooper B

There will be a number of different poses within the box they are considering heading to Kickstarter for this too.

US Trooper C

With so many other companies out there making soldiers for World War II it is a crowded market but I think these have that extra heroic edge to maybe make it into the collections of gamers. I certainly like their larger than life feel.

After a few tweaks here and there you’d have some proper comic book style heroes of History.

What do you think?

"After a few tweaks here and there you'd have some proper comic book style heroes of History..."