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Magnetising a Heavy Gear Naga Strider... Part 2

Magnetising a Heavy Gear Naga Strider… Part 2

1709 days ago 2

Romain completes the magnetisation of his Naga Strider.

Build: Ork Battlewagon Part2

1746 days ago 2

John completes the build of the Ork Battlewagon by Games Workshop.

Build: Ork Battlewagon Part1

1746 days ago Comments Off

John dips into the scrap yard to build the Ork Battle Wagon.

Build: Sanguinary Guard | Seven Days of Sanguinius

1759 days ago 2

John Looks over the build process for the Sanguinary Guard.

Build: Death Company Marine | Seven Days of Sanguinius

1762 days ago 1

John Builds up a Death Company Marine.

Build: Baal Predator | Seven Days of Sanguinius

1767 days ago 6

John takes you through the build of the new Baal Predator

Romain Builds Ghetorix... part 2

Romain Builds Ghetorix… part 2

1839 days ago 6

Romain assembles the full Ghetorix upgrade to the Warp Wolf and gives us one advice on building plastic & metal combo kits.

Romain Builds Ghetorix... part 1

Romain Builds Ghetorix… part 1

1842 days ago 10

Romain cleans up the plastic Warp Wolf model and the Ghetorix upgrade kit… then shows us how to deal with Privateer Press resin-plastic.

Nid Week – Build: Heirophant Bio Titan

1863 days ago 16

John rounds off our Nid Week coverage by building the Heirophant Bio Titan!!

Nid Week – Build: Pyrovore

1864 days ago 1

John gets firey while he builds the Pyrovore

Nid Week – Build: Converting a Carnifex

1865 days ago 7

John breaks out the craft knives and take’s on the Hive Mind, making a Carnifex to make the Hive Fleet proud!

Nid Week – Build: Hive Tyrant

1867 days ago 4

John gets his claws out and builds the Hive Tyrant

Building The Trygon

1871 days ago 2

John gets stuck into a Tyranid Trygon model!

Andy Builds an Exemplar Cinerator for Warmachine

2003 days ago 7

As the final build from the Warmachine 2-player starter box, Andy assembles the leader of the Exemplar Cinerators unit from the Protectorate of Menoth.

Now with Restored Footage!

Building A Menoth Heavy Warjack

2005 days ago 7

Following on from the last build video, Andy has a bash at building one of the Menoth Heavy Warjacks from the new Warmachine 2-Player Starter Box.