Hold Out In Burn In Design’s New Western Blacksmith Shop

October 20, 2015 by brennon

Burn In Designs have shown off another of their fantastic MDF kits. This time around they are holding out during a Western shoot-out in the Blacksmith’s Shop. See what you make of this rather detailed kit…

Western Blacksmith Shop #1

The Blacksmith Shop actually consists of two kits in one. You get the building itself plus the outside courtyard and covered smithy area. You also get all of the various bits and pieces that you see scattered around like the wheel and the grating.

Western Blacksmith Shop #2

It looks like a very impressive piece of kit and you see it here alongside Wild West Exodus miniatures so it’s certainly within that mid-30mm range when it comes to scale. You could probably use it for 28mm too. Talking of Wild West Exodus they have painted it up in Steampunk style…

Western Blacksmith (Painted)

Western Blacksmith (Painted - Full)

I like what they’ve done with the roof and the rust effects showing where water has collected. It might be a little dark overall but I think it certainly works for the world of Wild West Exodus with its darker tone.

Would you add this to your Western landscape?

"The Blacksmith Shop actually consists of two kits in one..."