Bushido Show Off Their Four-Eyed Snake

February 24, 2014 by dracs

GCT Studios slithers out a couple of new previews for Bushido’s Wave 17. In the case of the new Ito monster, you’re getting two for the price of one!


Yatsumata, the two-headed serpent, is a truly fearsome foe to face. Its two heads make it very hard to find a blind spot, while its long fangs can inject the enemies of Ito with a powerful venom.

The miniature Yatsumata got a recent guest appearance at SmogCon, where Bushido was in attendance.


While Bushido may be full of such beasts it also has its fair share of beauties, such as Saki, Rose of Jima and the next addition to the Silvermoon Trade Syndicate.

Saki Rose of Jima

A dangerous seductress, Saki uses her skills to tempt, confuse and beguile even in the heat of battle.  After all, would you rather be fighting that giant Oni, or go and talk to the nice lady beckoning for you to follow her?

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