Bushido’s Silvermoon Faction Get One Hell Of A Bouncer

August 17, 2015 by brennon

GCT Studios have shown off the amazing artwork for another Silvermoon Trade Syndicate model in Bushido. This time around it’s their bodyguard and muscleman, Malosi. If you’re dealing in all manner of different commodities it pays to be well protected…

Malosi - Silvermoon Trade Syndicate

In the Jumo ring there can only be one winner, Malosi is that winner. The champion of the Iron Fist gumi, Oda’s best student. A Buto as strong and fearsome as any other in memory, to look into his blank stare is enough to break the spirit of even the stoutest.

Few words are muttered from this hulking monster, in combat he sounds more animal than human, growling and grunting whilst handing out savaging beatings with fist or skull crushing mace, smashing the armoured like beetles beneath an angry bulls hoof. “

I don’t imagine that he will have the blood sculpted onto his mallets but I kind of hope that he does. I think the model would be missing something if it didn’t have the bloody weapons and I just don’t think I’d get it right without a little help.

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"I think the model would be missing something if it didn't have the bloody weapons..."

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