Check Out Two Distinct Ways To Battle In Bushido

April 4, 2013 by brennon

Bushido from GCT Studios is getting two more models for Wave Eleven. Check out the mighty Kawa no Rojin and Ryoko-Sha below each embodying a different way to finish off your enemies…

Kawa no Rojin - Temple of Ro-Kan

“Kawa no Rojin stampedes his way across the battlefield trampling any that get in his way. Considered to be a lucky animal by the Monks of the Ro-Kan, his presence drives them on to courageous acts of valour.”

Ryoko-Sha - Prefecture of Ryu

“Ryoko-Sha is a samurai with distinct and unique skills. His understanding of strategy and tactics has allowed him to channel Ki to control the ebb and flow of battle. He is of utmost importance to the Takashi family, his Temporal Barriers are relied upon to keep family members safe.”

On the one hand you have the brutish and literally bullish Kawa looking to push anyone out of the way and then Royoko who takes a more spiritual approach to battle. Each have their own benefits though and look great too!

Which would you run into battle with?