3 Days Left On By Fire & Sword The Deluge Kickstarter!

August 27, 2014 by brennon

By Fire & Sword is closing in on it’s final few days on Kickstarter for The Deluge and they have unlocked some heavy firepower, a bit more terrain and have their sights set on some more infantry too. See how the stretch goals are shaping up…

40k Light Cannons

41k Command

43k Mounted Imperials

44k Portable Obstacles

45k Light Cavalry

47k Command Sets

I reckon with three days left of their campaign the backers, both old and new, could easily crack that £47k stretch goal and unlock everything else in the range. The miniatures are nice quality and these chaps have put a lot of effort into getting the historical background just right for this game with plenty of interesting factions. Imperials and Transylvania are pretty awesome!

Will you be backing in the last few days?