Wargamer Bring New Armies & Supplies To By Fire & Sword

January 28, 2016 by brennon

Wargamer have added some new kits to their selection of By Fire & Sword products for this month. Kicking things off we have a look at the Swedish Skirmish Set which gives you a force ready to take to the table. See what you think of what’s inside…

Swedish Skirmish Set

Here we have the set below which comes with a whole lot bunch of mounted Dragoons and some Dragoons on foot as well. This looks like it’s a heavily mobile fighting force with the cannon there to cover them when needed.

Swedish Skirmish Set

You also get the command figures for the game with a Colonel, Standard Bearer and Musician to keep everyone on the field of battle. I think these sets look great and I can see the appeal of massed cavalry thundering across the tabletop.

Brandenburgian High Command

Next up we have the Brandenburgian High Command who are flying a whole lot of banners. In here you get Generals, Colonels, Musicians, Standard Bearers and plenty of retainers too.

Brandenburgian High Command

If you’re going to be heading up a big force then I reckon this is well worth adding to your collection. I really like how the banners look fluttering from these units and I can imagine how impressive that would be on a large scale.

Cossack Wagon Train

If you’re looking for something to protect on the road (or indeed raid) then how about this Cossack Wagon Train? I could see this being great for objective based scenarios.

Cossack Wagon Train

This also comes with the Cossack Camp Master which you can also get separately as a limited edition piece. Will you be raiding or saving?


Last but not least we have the Azabs with Polearms which are an additional support unit for your army.

Azabs with Polearms

I can imagine those polearms are quite handy when everyone is riding around on horses. Always useful to have a weapon which can take out a horse or knock a rider from his saddle.

Which sets will you be considering?

"I think these sets look great and I can see the appeal of massed cavalry thundering across the tabletop..."

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