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Fantasy Flight Preview the Catacombs of Cadwallon

1649 days ago Comments Off

Fantasy Flight Games take you deep into the Catacombs of Cadwallon with their latest expansion, The King of Ashes.

Delve Deeper with the Thieves of Cadwallon in King of Ashes

1785 days ago 3

Will you delve into the depths of Cadwallon and search for treasure while risking your neck?

New Cadwallon Download from Fantasy Flight Games

1912 days ago 2

If you’re a player of Cadwallon: City of Thieves, then you might like to know there’s a new (free) download for the game available from Fantasy Flight Games.

Miniatures for the Adventurers and City of Thieves

2017 days ago 4

Pics of painted miniatures for Fantasy Flight Games’ two board games the Adventurer’s and Cadwallan City of Thieves. Check these out.

Fantasy Flight Studio Talk About Cadwallon: City of Thieves

2397 days ago 19

Hi just spotted this coming out of Fantasy Flight Studio. Although it’s not a wargaming it does look like it might be a cracking board game so I’m sure one or two of our viewers might be interested.