Cadwallon Go Crusading With Vedat, The Templar Veteran

October 30, 2016 by brennon

Standing strong against the darkness we have the Templar Veteran Vedat, a new addition to the collection by Cadwallon.

Vedat, Templar Veteran

With a mighty greatsword in hand and his battered shield, he looks like he’s seen a fair few battles against the forces of darkness. While he has a bit of an eerie vibe about him, especially in the style of his armour, I like to think he’s a good and just man fighting the good fight.

Vedat Templar Veteran (Rear)

The cloak looks fantastic and is just begging to be finished off with some freehand work. Since Romain has been showing us so many tutorials in 3 Colours Up it might be about time we put some of them into practise on models like this.

Would you follow Vedat in a charge against the enemy?

"...he looks like he's seen a fair few battles against the forces of darkness"

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