Potato Pirates Card Game Has More Than What You May First Think

August 20, 2017 by thisisazrael

Sometimes we get news through that just makes me smile inside and Potato Pirates is one of those times, so stick with me on this.

Not only is this a super cute party card game which allows you to mash, roast, loot and hijack your friends but the core mechanics are also designed to teach you fundamental programming concepts too!

The game covers concepts such as Sequencing, Booleans, Conditionals, Variables and Functions.

I think having a basic understanding of how coding works and developing these critical thinking skills is a great idea for everyone.

The game is very focused on having a fun and social activity that pulls children, families and adults away from screens.

In the game, you’ll control ships and a crew, made out of, yep, big and small potatoes.

You play “Control” and “Action” cards onto your ships prior to sending them into battle and this is where the coding and decision making comes in.

Using a “Mash” card to take out two potatoes is great, but combine that with a “For Loop Action Card” then you could repeat the attack multiple times.

You’ll win be collecting all the “Potato King Cards” or by taking out all your opponents ships.

Due out via Kickstarter this is one I will certainly be keeping an eye out for.

What do you think of Potato Pirates?

"Using a "Mash" card to take out two potatoes is great, but mix that with a "For Loop Action Card" then you could repeat the attack multiple times"

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