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Weekender: TTCombat Mega Terrain Prize & White Dwarf Back With A Bang

Weekender: TTCombat Mega Terrain Prize & White Dwarf Back With A Bang

43 days ago 380

TTCombat talk Carnevale, we give away a MASSIVE terrain bundle prize and get stuck into the news from a week in tabletop gaming…

TTCombats Reveal The First Glimpse Of Their Carnevale

60 days ago 6

Carnevale, the cinematic skirmish game set in a twisted version of Renaissance Venice, was recently picked up TTCombats. Now the first piece of concept art for this new Carnevale has been shared by Vesper-On Games.

Carnevale and Home Raiders Saved By TrollTrader

Exclusive! Carnevale & Home Raiders Saved By TrollTrader!

177 days ago 39

Some big news as Carnevale & Home Raiders will continue thanks to TrollTrader and TTCombat!

Sad News As Vesper-On Games Comes To An End

195 days ago 19

The creators of Carnevale and Home Raiders, Vesper-On Games, have unfortunately had to close their doors following an announcement this week on their website.

Plast Craft Build A Masterful Church & Carnevale Terrain

241 days ago 7

Plast Craft Games have shared some images of their upcoming ColorED terrain which will be useful for those of you wanting a glorious Church to fight over. Here we have the rather amazing looking Saint-Mère-Église…

Weekender: Alessio Talks Labyrinth & Hunger Games + Tor Gaming's C'thu

Weekender: Alessio Talks Labyrinth & Hunger Games + Tor Gaming’s C’thu

274 days ago 50

It’s time for a jam packed Saturday
morning as we have an interview
with Alessio Cavatore about upcoming

Plus there’s a chat with Tor Gaming
about the progress of their C’thu
Kickstarter and we get stuck into
looking at some of the painting from
the community…

Vesper-On Show Off New Wave Of Carnevale Releases

276 days ago 10

Vesper-On Games have shown off a whole host of new releases for Wave Three of Carnevale. What strange monsters and noble heroes do you think will be fighting throughout the streets of Venice? Kicking things off we have a model I’m sure Warren will love, the Kárcharos-Rashaar…

People In Profile: David Esbri – Vesper-On Games

430 days ago 6

Welcome back to People in Profile, where we seek out gaming’s best and brightest to help us peer behind the curtain of games design. This time we are joined by the mind behind Carnevale and Home Raiders, David Esbri of Vesper-On Games.

Vesper-On Start Up Summer Carnevale Campaign

433 days ago 3

Vesper-On Games have launched a campaign called The Drifting Boat for their superb game, Carnevale. The idea is that all of the results sent in to will be collated together and dependant on who won the most games, their faction will alter the history of Carnevale…

Vesper-On’s Carnevale Hitting Stores Once Again Soon!

498 days ago 3

Vesper-On have announced that Carnevale is going to be back in your friendly local gaming store very soon. As well as the rather epic looking Vampire Hunter below there are three factions just waiting to add to the experience…

Weekender: Mars Attacks Ready For All Out War!

Weekender: Mars Attacks Ready For All Out War!

526 days ago 431

On this weeks Weekender we talk
Mars Attacks, Kings of War, Boot
Camps and more!

Weekender: Star Wars At Salute & Carnevale Chat!

Weekender: Star Wars At Salute & Carnevale Chat!

554 days ago 290

We’ve been working away like mad
to get the Star Wars: Assault
On Hoth participation game
ready for Salute 2015!

VLOG: Star Wars’ Echo Base Switches On

555 days ago 35

Let there be light! Echo base has got the electricians in as we’ve used LED lighting to bring the Rebel’s ice home to life!

Remy Tremblay Goes Undercover With A Carnevale French Spy!

614 days ago 6

Carnevale pops up on Remy Tremblay’s blog as he shows off the sculpt for one of the miniatures he worked on for the Kickstarter. What do you think of this French Spy going undercover?

Painted Carnevale Miniatures & A Spooky Sneak Peek!

708 days ago 4

Check out some amazing painting and a nasty looking monster that came out of the Carnevale Kickstarter!