Carnevale’s Kickstarter Closes With More Minis Unlocked

October 13, 2014 by dracs

The Kickstarter campaign for Vesper-On Games’ Carnevale has come to an end, raising an excellent £49,086 total. Towards the end there was a massive boost in backers which led to loads of new awesome minis getting unlocked.

Voice of Dagon

Sun and Moon

Doctor of the Beasts


Strigoi Priest

French Vatican Guard

Gipsy Woman


I am blown away with just how many new miniatures Vesper-On managed to unlock in the last few days of the Kickstarter. That last one might still be listed as locked, but since the final funding total was over 49,000 I think we can expect to see him. A couple of these look a little familiar too. I’m sure that Voice of Dagon had some previous work in Middle-Earth and the Doctor of the Beasts kind of reminds me of the babe.

Alongside these new miniatures, Vesper-On have come out with a couple of other goodies for Carnevale, ranging from comic stories to RPG adventures.

Expanded Profile Sections

Comic Short Story

Free RPG Adventure

The one I am most excited about is definitely the RPG adventure. Carnevale has such a rich background, it’s just crying out to be explored in a role playing game.

Did you help Carnevale reach its goal? Which of these new additions to the game are you most excited about?

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