Join Carnevale as it Spreads Starvation Around the World

January 28, 2013 by dracs

Exciting news for all you fans of the excellent Venetian skirmish game Carnevale as this February will see the horror of its canals and streets spread over the world with the first world wide campaign; Starvation!

Carnevale - Starvation

Starvation will be a one day campaign taking place in hobby centres and clubs all over the world on February 16th, featuring three linked adventures which will only be available to play on the day itself.

These adventures will all link with one another and the outcome of your games will then go on to shape the evolving world of Carnevale.

So if you are interested in taking part, or want to get your club involved, email the guys at Vesper On at to receive all the details and the PDF event pack.

Will you take part in Starvation? Which faction will you field?