Monsters, Spectres & Assassins Spring Forth For Carnevale

February 8, 2017 by brennon

The world of Carnevale continues to grow behind the scenes as TTCombat add more render work to their collection showing off what they’re looking to bring back for this game of Venetian skullduggery.

The Black Spectre

Many of you will remember The Black Spectre who has had a bit of an update in this new version. The grasping hands feel more prominent here and I love seeing the decidedly evil looking mask rising from the smoke.

This is matched with another monstrous looking creation for Carnevale in the shape of The Flame That Burns Underwater.

Flame That Burns Underwater

Just imagine how terrifying it would be to see this clambering its way out of the canal and onto land as it looks to wrap you up in its tentacles and drag you back down into the depths.

Agile Killers

It’s not all big monsters that are coming to the world as we still have plenty of lithe and deadly killers waiting in the shadows that aren’t spurred on by supernatural forces. Take King Pulcinella for example…

King Pulcinella

…who looks utterly insane! I like how he’s posed almost in the middle of declaring his awesomeness. I imagine him to act a bit like Loki in his mannerisms; a suave and deadly killer. Moon, on the other hand, may indeed be flying here but she will make for an awesome project to paint.


She almost has a bit of the superhero/villain about her. You could really go to town with that cape and make it seem over the top and luxurious.

Finishing things off we have the White Collar Thief for now who will be sneaking into those unguarded rich establishments and making off with the riches.

White Collar Thief

Swiping a few purses might be the way to begin but soon you want to get stuck into pilfering the big scores.

What do you think of their recent previews?

"...we still have plenty of lithe and deadly killers waiting in the shadows that aren't spurred on by supernatural forces"