A Noble Barnabotti & Magi-Rashaar Welcome You To Carnevale

July 13, 2017 by dracs

TTCombat are preparing to take Carnevale to Kickstarter this Friday and to whet our appetites have shown off two of new miniatures, a Barnabotti and a Magi-Rashaar.



Both of these are cool new takes on the figures, especially the Magi-Rashaar. The stance makes him a dominating figure, well suited to lead Carnevale’s most disturbing faction.

Carnevale Art

TTCombat have also set up a new website for Carnevale, featuring a countdown to the Kickstarter’s launch.

What do you think of Carnevale’s new minis? Will you be chipping in on this Kickstarter?

"A dominating figure, well suited to lead Carnevale's most disturbing faction..."