Rule Books and Buildings For Carnevale’s Next Stretch Goal

September 16, 2014 by dracs

Carnevale has managed to get over twice its original funding goal on Kickstarter and the next stretch goal will bring us a new example of Venetian architecture.

Carnevale Building and Mini Rule Book

Here we see the initial concept for this new building, and Vesper-On have stated that it will also feature balconies, perfect for the swashbuckling acrobatics of the game.

Vesper-On have also said that they are working on some handy pocket versions of the rule book. These smaller copies are always useful, being easier to carry around, as well as making it quicker to find the rules you need.

Do you like the idea of a pocket sized rule book? Is there any particular piece of iconic Venetian architecture you would want a terrain piece of?