Vesper-On Preview Yet Another Mystery Model

November 8, 2012 by dracs

Vesper-On have published another shadowy preview of a model which will be coming out soon for Carnevale! Gah, I can’t handle the suspense!

Vesper-On - Preview

Who is that masked man? Could he be a member of the guild of Thieves? Or is this the sinister Rialto Assassin? Only time can tell.

Although not too much time as this model, along with all the other Carnevale Christmas releases, will be appearing at TableTop Nation this Saturday.

TableTop Nation Carnevale

So if you want to get a look at these awesome Carnevale minis and maybe get a couple of games of one of our favourite miniature games then be sure to head over to TableTop Nation. For those of you who might live to far away, get on a plane, swim if you have to!