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Go Hopping Mad Over Center Stage’s Frog God

1171 days ago 0

Center Stage Miniatures have just released a massive new mini fit for even a god. Specifically, a Frog God.

Tome Of Horrors II Closes In On Final Funding Hours!

1268 days ago 0

Check out some of the monsters featuring in Center Stage Miniatures newest Kickstarter for Tome of Horrors II. Have you pledged?

Things Get Warped With Center Stage Chaos Giant

1330 days ago 4

Center Stage Miniatures have unleashed a rather Chaotic Giant on the world of role-playing for this wintery period.

The Razor Coast Is Filled With Center Stage Weresharks

1421 days ago 4

See what you think of these Sharks that have mastered walking on land and now go snacking for food there as well as in the ocean!

Center Stage Look To Add Dark Elves To Their Range

1426 days ago 1

What do you think about the potential of the Dark Elves coming to the fore from Center Stage Miniatures?

The Razor Coast Swells With Center Stage Weresharks

1493 days ago 2

Check out the second miniature in the Razor Coast line from Center Stage Miniatures.

Center Stage Turn Piratical This Year At Gen Con

Center Stage Turn Piratical This Year At Gen Con

1494 days ago 11

Check out the first model for Razor Coast that will be available at Gen Con 2013.

Center Stage Enter The Domain Of The Splinter Drake

1505 days ago 2

Check out this awesome looking Splinter Drake from the folks at Center Stage Miniatures. It truly is a sight to behold.

Hear The Fee Fi Fo Fum Of Center Stages’ Giant

1507 days ago 1

Check out a mighty giant from the Tome of Horrors called Jack-in-Irons! He certainly does appear to be a deadly foe for the tabletop…

Center Stage Show Off Demons & More From The Tome Of Horrors

1544 days ago 3

Check out some updates from the Tome of Horrors and Demons & Devils Kickstarters from Center Stage Miniatures.

The Tome Of Horrors Kickstarter Bulges With New Monsters

1548 days ago 0

Check out some of the monsters coming to the fore from the Center Stage Miniatures Kickstarter Campaign for the Tome of Horrors!