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VLOG: Wolsung Boot Camp Builds & Hobby Night Live Prep!

8 days ago 5

Get a quick run down of everything that has been going on this week in the BoW Studios.

Dunkirk Chat With Richard from Too Fat Lardies

Richard from Too Fat Lardies Talks About Dunkirk and Chain of Command Scenarios

9 days ago 21

Novus Design Studio Announces New 28mm Terrain

1029 days ago 6

Novus Design Studio has released nine new pieces for 28mm scale WWII. Nice crisp detail will make anyones’ table standout.

Chain Of Command: Take Charge Of Your Own Platoon!

1172 days ago 30

You’ve been talking about it a lot on the forums so Gianna Lomax has taken up the challenge of taking a closer look at this game from Too Fat Lardies! What do you think of Chain of Command?