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Check Out This Superb Looking Tau Super Heavy!

850 days ago 11

Something else that you might want to add to your ‘cool stuff’ folder is this rather epic looking Tau Heavy Walker that fills a gap in the line-up for the Tau even with their big battlesuits floating around!

Chapter House Take The Golden Horde Into Space

1085 days ago 2

See if you fancy making a White Scars army once you’ve seen these bitz from Chapter House Studios!

Chapter House’s Space Undead Erect Their Defences

1099 days ago 5

See what you think of these terrain/gaming pieces coming out of Chapterhouse Studios. Necrons are first up when it comes to the defence lines!

The Warp Stalkers Out In Force From Chapter House

1316 days ago 2

See what you think of some of these new additions to the Chapter House miniatures line. Are these something you’d be interested in picking up?

Chapter House Improve Their Defences With Three Days To Go

1372 days ago 0

Check out some more updated sculpts for the Chapter House Studios Kickstarter. What do you think of these various weapons?

Chapter House Studios Continue To Man The Defences

1383 days ago 4

Check out some of the updated sculpts for the terrain that’s being provided through the Chapterhouse Kickstarter.

Chapter House Studios Put Up The DarkTech Defences

1398 days ago 14

Check out the next step from Chapter House Studios as they continue in the wake of their court battle against Games Workshop. DarkTech Terrain on Kickstarter!

Chapter House Unleash a Scaly Slaughterer

1624 days ago 5

Chapter House have added a new fantasy style miniature to their range. This one is a truly cold-blooded killer.

A Tortuous New Addition to Chapter House Studios

1679 days ago 3

An awesome new addition to the Dark Elf line from Chapter House Studios.

Chapter House Studios Bring out the TRU-Scale Bitz

1790 days ago 8

TRU-Scale your Sci-Fi Knights with new Conversion Kits from Chapter House Studios.

The Roar of Imperial Jet Bikes from Chapter House Studios

1799 days ago 6

The heavy Jet Bikes of the Imperium blast onto the scene from Chapter House Studios