Chapter House Take The Golden Horde Into Space

May 5, 2014 by brennon

Chapter House Studios are continuing their bitz haul with a whole bunch of releases with a Mongolian Twist. Of course we couldn’t say as to which Chapter in Warhammer 40,000 they might be for but I’m sure you can work that out…

Space Mongolian Commander

Combat Shields

Space Marine Heads

Above we can see first off the Space Mongolian Commander looking very cool indeed. I think it’s certainly a good idea to have a Commander that can go on foot as well as on a bike for the White Scars just in case you can’t take it for some reason.

Away from that you also have the Shields which would be great in creating the look of mounted ‘knights’ on bikes and of course some heads with which to make your force.

Taapani Storm Troopers

Away from the Mongolians in space they have these Taapani Storm Troopers which aren’t too bad but they look a bit weird to me. They would fit in well with the Corporation Troopers for Warpath but I would probably pass on these I think.

Do any of these bitz grab your attention?

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