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Weekender: A Creepy Awful Orphanage & Kickin' Ass In Rambo: The Board Game!

Weekender: A Creepy Awful Orphanage & Kickin’ Ass In Rambo: The Board Game!


Archon’s Chronicle X Meets New Alien Foes + Get In On Late Pledges!


The team at Archon Studio have been powering on with the development of their recent Kickstarter game, Chronicle X.

Chronicle X Win Area 51 Pledge

Comment To Win Area 51 Pledges For Archon Studio’s Chronicle X!


You could win One of Two Area 51 Pledges
from the Chronicle X Kickstarter which has
entered its last two days of funding!

Archon Studio’s'Chronicle X Goes Interstellar With Stretch Goals


Chronicle X Goes Underwater and To Area 51

Heroes of Chronicle X: An Interview with Glenn Allan

Heroes Of Chronicle X: Interview With Designer Glenn Allan


Glenn Allan gives us the lowdown on the playable heroes for upcoming sci-fi miniatures board game Chronicle X.

More Aliens From Archon’s Chronicle X As Kickstarter Goes LIVE


Live right now on Kickstarter, Archon Studio is ready to invade the planet with Chronicle X.


Weekender: Preparing For Alien Invasion! Chronicle X & BoW Studios Defence


We’re talking alien invasions and Chronicle X in the studio today!

Plus, John will also be putting together a very different VLOG series to carry you through the Christmas period so watch out for that!

Gray Dominators Take Control In Archon’s Chronicle X


Chronicle X from Archon Studio is just around the corner and they continue to show off some of the impressive models for the game including these Gray Dominators here who will be leading the nefarious aliens into battle.

Get Abducted By The Greys Of Archon’s Chronicle X


The folks at Archon have told us more about Chronicle X and the basics of how it will all look on the tabletop. That also meant showing off some of the invading Greys which are striving to take over Earth.

Science & Swords Arrive In Archon’s Chronicle X


Archon Studio has shown off the third of their previews for Chronicle X. Here we have Dr Yukari Fujikawa with a sword in hand in science at the forefront of her mind no doubt.

Archon Take Aim Alongside Chronicle X Sniper Jack Clemson


Building on their previews from Chronicle X, Archon Studio revealed the second character for your ragtag team of alien hunters. Say hello to Chief Petty Officer Jack Clemson.

Archon Studio Preview First Model From Chronicle X


Chronicle X is the new squad-based tactical board game coming out of Archon Studio in the near future.