Help Build Your Own City In Civility On Kickstarter

May 17, 2013 by brennon

Civility is a neat sounding board game from Bed Beard Games that has arrived on Kickstarter looking for enough money to launch onto the market. Check out a bit more about the game in the video above, and in the details below…

Civility Board Game

Instead of being in a world where everyone is trying to build the same cities, Civility is all about taking different cities with different abilities and pitting them against each other.

A few examples from Kickstarter…

Fantasy’s magic abilities allow them to manipulate dice each turn.
Medieval was a dark time so their starting technology and health is very low but their army starts off strong.
Utopians are a peaceful and advanced bunch so their technology and education start off very high but their army is very low.

It sounds like it could be a lot of fun with some interesting clashes between cities. The variety of different play styles also sounds like it makes it fun each time you set up.

Check out the video above and consider pledging for this new board game!

What do you think of it?