Conan & Savage Beasts Painted Up For Monolith’s Adventure Game

June 19, 2015 by brennon

Monolith have had some more models painted up by the artist Martin Grandbarbe showing off what these heroes and monsters are going to look like from Conan once you’ve put a brush and some paint onto them. It also helps to be a master painter of course…


First up we have Conan and Thak who have been painted up by the aforementioned Grandbarbe. While backers are still waiting for things to come together for Conan as a whole it’s nice to see that the models can be taken to a place where they’re nicely finished and well detailed.



I’m not a great fan of (what I’d consider) strange ‘glow’ effect on the models muscles and such even though they are very accomplished in their execution otherwise. I guess the style is there to ape (haha) the look of some of the old school Conan artwork.


As well as the heroes there are some beasts for them to fight which you can see below. I like these models a lot!

Monster #1

Monster #2

The models are both very bat-like although the first one is most definitely looking like the demon we spied when the campaign was first kicking off a few years ago. The second creature is certainly even more impressive although onec again I think it might get a little lost among the highlighting?

But, I’m certainly no painting legend so this might be a great technique! Let me know what you think below.

Are you waiting for Conan?

"'s nice to see that the models can be taken to a place where they're nicely finished and well detailed"