A Mighty Aesir Warrior Joins Conan’s Quest

August 13, 2015 by brennon

Monolith have shown off some more artwork from Georges Cl4renko for their Conan board game. As well as a mighty Aesir Warrior joining the fight on Conan’s side there could well be a flock of ravens coming too…

Warriors Of The North

Niord is an Aesir Chief and friend of Conan. In the stories he saves Conan as he pursues one of his foes. In game he will also come with a warband of warriors who he’s leading into battle.


The render below by Arnaud Boudoiron shows off the artwork being translated well into model form. I think they’ve got the shield and swords looking particularly good and I’m always a fan of big fur cloaks too.

Niord (Model)

It’s a shame that the inside of the cloak isn’t textured in some way right now but maybe that’s something that will come further down the line.


As well as the Aesir Warriors there is another piece of artwork for a flock of Ravens. These, I imagine, will feature in some way during your games of Conan up their in the Northern Wastes.


What do you think of all this new Nordic news? The expansion is still a way off of course but hopefully we’ll have the base game in our hands sooner rather than later now!

Give us your thoughts…

"In game he will also come with a warband of warriors who he's leading into battle..."