Monolith Show Off Their Conan Princess & Some WIP Sculpts!

August 21, 2014 by brennon

Monolith are back on the teaser train with another raft of interesting work-in-progress sculpts for both Valeria and the Pict tribesmen of Conan: Hyborian Quests. As well as that they also have an amazing piece of artwork for the Princess who will be part of the games scenarios!


First up lets take a look at said Princess who, in typical Conan fashion will have been captured by the Picts in the first scenario of the game. On top of that she’ll also be useful as a standard NPC in any scenarios that follow. She’s an awesome piece of artwork done once again by the hand of Adrian Smith. Can’t get enough of this guys style!

Valeria WIP

Pict WIP

As well as the lovely artwork we also get a look at some of the sculpts being worked on from that very artwork. The first is Valeria who is slowly taking shape and the second image is that of a Pictish warrior that will be holding the Princess captive that you saw above. Some very talented people are working on this project and next year can’t come soon enough!

I think we all need a little Conan in our lives.