Valeria Art & Launch Date For Conan Hyborian Quests!

August 26, 2014 by brennon

Conan: Hyborian Quests has another awesome piece of artwork for their upcoming board game and while I do go on about this game a lot we also got a date for the start of the Kickstarter too!


The piece above is by Adrian Smith as before and features Valeria, a miniature we’ve seen in work-in-progress form, ready for a bit of Hyborian swashbuckling. In terms of a date for the launch it’s going to be January 2015 so it’s not as far off as we thought it might be. It’s still quite a long wait but hopefully we’ll have plenty of prototype work and some more miniatures to see before then!

What do you think of Valeria and can you wait till January?