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Community Spotlight: A Legendary Barbarian, Stompy Robots & An Ogre Chief

Community Spotlight: A Legendary Barbarian, Stompy Robots & An Ogre Chief

96 days ago 5

Battle Foam Protect Your Conan Collection With New Foam Inserts

124 days ago 3

Battle Foam has put together two different sets of inserts for those of you who have Conan in your collection now. There’s a set of foam inserts for both the Core Box and the King Pledge that Kickstarter backers could get their hands on.

Kushites Wield Spells & Swords In Upcoming Conan Expansion

133 days ago 1

Asmodee has shown off another of the expansion boxes on the way for Conan by Monolith. The Kushite Witch Hunters pack gives the Overlord some dangerous opponents for the heroes to contend with.

Remy Tremblay Paints Up Some Superb Conan Miniatures

142 days ago 8

We spotted these amazing looking Conan miniatures that were painted up by the masterful Remy Tremblay! See what you think of his work on the Monolith board game characters.

Weekender: Amazing Conan Unboxing & Kickstarting The Small Terrain Studio

Weekender: Amazing Conan Unboxing & Kickstarting The Small Terrain Studio

166 days ago 59

Monolith’s Conan Begins Shipping In October!

234 days ago 8

Monolith have announced that their Conan game is going to begin shipping in October!

Conan & Belit Shape Up For Monolith’s Big Board Game

467 days ago 5

Conan & Belit from the Brom Guest Box, a big part of the Conan game by Monolith, have been sculpted up and they’re looking good…

Monolith’s Conan Pledge Manager Ready To Use

576 days ago 4

Monolith have got their Pledge Manager working for the Conan Board Game that took Kickstarter by storm. If you haven’t already done so you need to head on over to it (if you were a backer) and make sure everything is hunky-dory with your pledge…

A Mighty Aesir Warrior Joins Conan’s Quest

594 days ago 4

Monolith have shown off some more artwork from Georges Cl4renko for their Conan board game. As well as a mighty Aesir Warrior joining the fight on Conan’s side there could well be a flock of ravens coming too…

Pulposaurus & Reaper Team Up For Conan: Rise Of Monsters

595 days ago 4

If you haven’t heard by now the Conan: Rise Of Monsters Kickstarter has been cancelled and instead Pulposaurus are working in partnership with Reaper Miniatures on the project going forward.

The Monolith Team Receive A Bundle Of Conan Goodies

600 days ago 3

Things are moving forward with Monolith’s Conan Kickstarter as they’ve just received a big bundle of resin miniatures which will soon be put together and sent off to the factory to be made into the plastic components for the game…

Conan Rise Of Monsters Updates With Gameplay Walkthrough

604 days ago 2

Conan: Rise Of Monsters, also known as CROM, is continuing to build support for their fundraising campaign. They are closing in on $100,000 and have put together a CROM Overview and CROM Gameplay Demo which you can see above…

Conan: Rise Of Monsters Launches On Kickstarter

608 days ago 20

Conan: Rise Of Monsters (CROM) from Pulposaurus Entertainment is now live on Kickstarter! You can find out more about the game below and then considering heading over to the project to pledge…

First Look At Painted Miniatures For Conan: Rise Of Monsters

614 days ago 7

Pulposaurus Entertainment showed off the first painted model coming to the tabletop for Conan: Rise of Monsters (CROM) which will hit Kickstarter next week…

Conan: Rise Of Monsters Kickstarter Starting July 31st

620 days ago 14

Conan: Rise of Monsters (CROM) is going to be starting its fundraising campaign from Pulposaurus Entertainment on July 31st which just so happens to be smack-bang in the middle of Gen Con.