Remy Tremblay Paints Up Some Superb Conan Miniatures

November 7, 2016 by brennon

We spotted these amazing looking Conan miniatures that were painted up by the masterful Remy Tremblay! See what you think of his work on the Monolith board game characters.

Conan #1

Kicking things off we have Conan himself with sword drawn, ready to get stuck into some Pictish tribesmen.

Conan #2

Something that I was immediately struck by was how good the facial details look on Conan. It also speaks to the quality of the sculpts too for the models in this set.

Next up we have one of his allies, Belit.

Belit #1

The Pirate Queen looks fantastic and very much in keeping with the look of the Adrian Smith artwork. Her pale skin and dark shadowy hair have come out very nicely. Once again the facial details look brilliant, a perfect ally for Conan.

Belit #2

Getting stuck into some roguish behaviour we also have the thief Shevatas…

Shevatas #1

Once again this shows off some fantastic brush skills as we see the work done on bringing those muscles to life. The red and bronze works well against the flesh tones used here.

Shevatas #2

Lastly, we come to another of Conan’s companions, the Wizard Hadrathus.

Hadrathus #1

Hadrathus #2

Plenty of effort has gone into painting up some great robes for Hadrathus and adding to that we have some wonderful fire AND a nice bit of source lighting too.

You don’t want to go too far with lighting and I think those little touches around the Wizard’s cowl and face are just enough to help add to the model.

What do you think?

"I think those little touches around the Wizard's cowl and face are just enough to help add to the model..."