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Conqueror Add A Hulking Golem To Their Dwarven Line-Up


Conqueror Models have added a new model to their Fantasy selection for those looking to add some more heft to their Dwarven army on the tabletop. Take a look at their Dwarven Golem…

Conqueror Models Release Their Dwarf Commanders


Conqueror Models has now released their Dwarf Command set for you to drop in amongst your Dark Age themed Dwarf army on the tabletop.

Conqueror Models Sculpt Up Their Dark Age Dwarf Heroes


Building on their range of Dark Age Dwarves, the folks at Conqueror Models have shown off the finished sculpts for their heroes which are going to be donning helmets and grabbing weapons to defend their holds.

Conqueror Models March Forth With Dark Age Dwarfs


Apart from the unfortunate and gripe inducing spelling of Dwarfs (it should be Dwarves…pet peeve) Conqueror Models has done an excellent job on their new Dark Age Dwarfs!