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Demonic Weapons Ready for Conversion from Puppets War

1861 days ago 3

If you’ve been looking for a cool set of possessed blades to use to upgrade your Chaos Space Marines to Daemonic Weapon wielding Chaos Champions, then very soon, Puppets War will have just what you need!

New Cultist Heads from Tabletop Art

2043 days ago 9

These new cultist heads have just been released from German company… Tabletop Art.

Working with Brass Letters by Secret Weapon

2048 days ago 6

Justin from Secret Weapon give us some hints and tips about working with Brass Etched Lettering.

New Sculpted Bases from Anvil Industry

2078 days ago 1

Anvil Industry are known for their Steam Warriors and conversion bits, but now they have launched some new sculpted bases.

Micro Art Studios Reaper Mask Heads

2081 days ago 3

New Reaper Heads from Micro Art Studios.

Puppets War Big Gun Conversion Piece

2091 days ago 7

strong>Puppets War have released an image of their forthcoming conversion kit… some kinda massive cannon by the looks of it!

Do you need a Spiky Roller for your Trukk?

2097 days ago 2

Puppets War has been working on a new conversion part for use with those fantastic custom vehicles that all you Ork players like to make… the Roller Slaughter!

New Mech Weapons from Paulson Games

2103 days ago 3

Paulson Games produce a cool line in conversion part and some whole miniatures, that you could use to bulk out your forces in one of your favourite sci-fi games.

Check out their latest range of mech weaponry.

Why go Green, when you could have Blue?

2104 days ago 8

German company PK-Pro have just launched a new range of modelling putty called PK-Pro Blue… but what are some of the other putties available?

Big Orc Boomsticks from Kromlech

2104 days ago 3

If you need your Orcs to have some up close and personal large-bore fire power… then you need SHOTGUNS!

New Desert & Jungle Bases from Micro Art Studio

2106 days ago 8

If you want some superb sculpted bases to use for your desert or jungle themed army… then this is your lucky day!

Bronze Pattern Turbo Packs!

2106 days ago 7

OK… OK… they’re jump packs, but I like Turbo Packs better. Check out the new retro-style jet packs from MaxMini!

Bionic Arms from Blight Wheel Miniatures

2113 days ago 2

If you’re looking for some bionic conversion pasts to use on your 28-33mm miniatures, then Blight Wheel Miniatures has knocked up a sprue of resin add-ons that might just fit the bill!

New Gas Mask Heads from Kromlech

2117 days ago 7

Brand new from Kromlech, comes these sci-fi Gas Mask heads, just ready to grace your faceless legions of death!

Maxmini Gunglaves & Backpacks

2179 days ago 11

Darrell takes a look at the Gunglaves & Gothic Backpacks from Maxmini.