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Cersei Lannister Poses For A Look At A Song of Ice & Fire

1 day ago 5

Are you more of a lover than a fighter? Then you’ll definitely want to add Cersei Lannister to your army for A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game.

The Lannisters Send Their Regards With New CMON Previews

3 days ago 8

CMON are showing off more of the models for A Song Of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game with a look at the Lannisters this time around. Here we have Jaime Lannister leading the way…

Let's Play: A Song of Ice & Fire - Stark Vs Lannisters

Let’s Play: A Song of Ice & Fire – Stark Vs Lannisters

3 days ago 11

Dawn was able to play the amazing
new A Song Of Ice & Fire
Stark Vs Lannisters game from CMON

CMON Introduces The Crime Families Of The Godfather Board Game

3 days ago 3

CMON has been showing off more and more miniatures from the upcoming board game, The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire.

Meet The Stark’s Sworn Swords In CMON’s A Song Of Ice & Fire

8 days ago 26

CMON are previewing more of the models that make up the A Song Of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game which is coming to Kickstarter later this year.

Zombicide: Green Horde Is Already Funded At Over A Million!

23 days ago 20

Zombicide: Green Horde is taking Kickstarter by storm and is totally crushing their stretch goals. If Orc Zombies are terrifying enough, just wait until you feast your eyes on the Feral Dragon!

Survivors Of Zombicide: Green Horde Have More Than Orcs To Fear

24 days ago 10

Just when you thought there couldn’t be anything worse than Zombies to deal with in Zombicide, there are utterings of something bigger. The Feral Dragon will be a Kickstarter exclusive in the Green Horde Kickstarter this week.

Guillotine Games Reveals Cover Art For Zombicide Green Horde

30 days ago 4

The next installment for the Zombicide universe drops on Kickstarter May 30th, and it’s looking epic! Guillotine Games and CMON are showing off the fantastic cover art for Zombicide Green Horde and by the looks of things, zombie orcs are making a mess of things.

Gruff Heroes Join The Fighting In Zombicide Green Horde

35 days ago 2

Two new heroes have been previewed for Zombicide: Green Horde by the folks at CMON and Guillotine Games. See what you make of these gruff heroes…

Unleashing Wrath Of Kings - Manipulating Motivations

Unleashing Wrath Of Kings: Manipulating Motivations

36 days ago 4

Today we’re learning about manipulating motivations in Wrath of Kings!

Unleashing Wrath Of Kings XLBS: Go For Broke! Breaking Army Morale

36 days ago 3

It’s time for us to learn more about Wrath Of Kings as we we delve into how to break the enemy morale and chase them from the tabletop.

CMON EXPO 2017 Fullspread

CMON Expo 2017 Live Blog – Win A CMON Swag Bag!

41 days ago 50

Join BoW Dawn & Gianna this weekend as they find out what’s happening at the CMON Expo in Atlanta this weekend.

The Orcs Of Zombicide Green Horde Swarm Forth From CMON

43 days ago 6

With the Green Horde swiftly approaching for Zombicide by Guillotine Games and CMON it’s time to take a look at some of the miniatures for the Orcs & Goblins that will be hunting down your characters.

Tell Dawn & Gianna What You’d Like To See At CMON Expo

45 days ago 14

Winter is coming, and so is the weekend, which means CMON Expo is almost here! Dawn & Gianna will be heading off to Atlanta, Georgia this weekend and want to hear what you’d like to see from CoolMiniOrNot.

CMON Expo & Dark Age Brood Updates In 2017

CMON Expo & Dark Age Brood Updates In 2017

46 days ago 11

We got to sit down with Bryan to talk more about the future of Dark Age and the new Brood updates that you can look forward to in 2017.