The Galactic Defense Force Suits Up For Counterblast

February 4, 2014 by brennon

It’s time to get all militaristic in your games of Counterblast from Airlock Games. See what you think of the Galactic Defense Force who maintain law in the galaxy.

Sentry #1

Sentry #2

As you can see, like most of the different factions in the game it isn’t just made up of one race. Many different races have come together for a particular cause, and I like that mix this game seems to bring to the table.



How can you not like a massive jungle cat inside a suit of armour, with a sword? Plenty of weapons and armour are going to be available to these chaps and I reckon they could be quite the favourite once they come out.

Very much a fan of these sculpts, especially the single-eyed aliens.

The faction for you?