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CP Models Band Together Behind Gnomish Commander

56 days ago 1

CP Models Miniatures is now adding to their Fantasy range with the Gnome Command elements which come in two different flavours to add a bit of variety to your armies.

CP Models Band Together With New Celtic Dwarfs For Battle

86 days ago 1

CP Models Miniatures are building upon their Celtic Dwarf collection with three new metal sets. The first of these brings together a collection of Chieftains to lead the way.

Weekender XLBS: Christmas Hobby Time Plans & A Yeti Mystery!

Weekender XLBS: Christmas Hobby Time Plans & A Yeti Mystery!

249 days ago 96

Join us for a nice relaxed morning
(or whenever you hope to be watching!)
of XLBS with us. It’s time to dive into
some great hobby discussion and more…

Some Epic Near Future Troopers Hit The Tabletop From CP Models!

255 days ago 7

CP Models Miniatures has some stunning looking Near Future Troopers for you to pick up to drop into all sorts of Modern Military and Sci-Fi games.

New Alien Federation Shock Troopers Arrive From CP Models

482 days ago 5

CP Models Miniatures have assembled a new array of aliens that would be right at home as you sat down to watch a Saturday morning cartoon show…

Aim & Fire With World War I British Infantry From CP Models

884 days ago 1

See what you think of the beginnings of a World War I range from CP Models Miniatures. First off we have some British Infantry from the Expeditionary Force of 1914.

Bring Back The Roaring Twenties With CP Models

943 days ago 2

The Roaring Twenties are alive and well with these miniatures from CP Models.

CP Models Learn The Way Of The Shaolin Monk

1508 days ago 4

Check out some Shaolin Monks from the folks at CP Models Miniatures. They are perfect for role-playing I’d say!